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Introduction News Escape

NEWS is a platform of collaborative mashup of information from multiple early warning alliances and cybersecurity vendors. This aims to get the right information to the relevant authorities in a timely manner, enabling them to mitigate and effectively respond to cyber threats that may arise from around the world. Working with leading partners from academia, industry, and international bodies, NEWS provides the global cybersecurity community with real time aggregated early warnings. It also manages the access rights, permissions, information security of the data collected and heightens privacy to sensitive information.

Current leading industry partners in cybersecurity feed the GRC with a tremendous amount of data related to cyber threats, which is disseminated through the NEWS platform thereafter, for remedial in-country action. In addition to the existing providers, GRC – through the NEWS platform – seeks to add more comprehensive data resource providers. With its tremendous amount of cyber threat-related data, NEWS will be the richest knowledge base of its kind in the world.