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Centre for Training & Skills Development
Centre for Training & Skills Development

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IMPACT Centre for Training & Skills Developments
The IMPACT Centre for Training & Skills Developments provides world-class training in cybersecurity. All training courses, specialised seminars and workshops are conducted in collaboration with the leading ICT companies and institutions that include ITU, EC-Council, (ISC)² and Honeynet Project. Our specialised courses bring together global expertise in a broad range of specialisations, allowing IMPACT to work with governments and individual organisations to build internal capabilities in order to secure vital infrastructure, mitigate threat and respond to unauthorised or unlawful activities. We carefully examine the needs and desires of our partner countries with an eye toward continual improvement and development. As future requirements are identified, IMPACT will strive to develop and deploy effective training courses to meet specific needs.

  IMPACT Specialised Cybersecurity Training & Skills Development Programmes
The key to success in the field of information security is to begin with a course that gives in-depth foundation in the vital areas of information security, with view to specialised areas of cybersecurity, relevant to an individual’s job function. The ITU-IMPACT SecurityCore, developed by IMPACT, is a pre-requisite that leads to the two specialised areas of cybersecurity Management and Technical. The participants will be able to develop their knowledge and skills by attending the specialised courses under these tracks.

IMPACT Training & Skills Development Course Catalogue
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