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The globally interconnected digital information and communications infrastructure known as “cyberspace” underpins almost every facet of modern society and provides critical support for the economy, civil infrastructure, public safety, and national security. Internet technology has transformed the global economy and connected people in ways never imagined. As of late 2009, the Internet connected nearly 200 countries and approximately 1.5 billion people worldwide. It continues to expand rapidly with the most pronounced growth occurring in the developing world.

While society continues to enjoy the expanded opportunities made possible by the Internet, cyber threats pose a rising and potentially dangerous challenge to governments, businesses and individuals. To illustrate, widespread computer-based crime – or cybercrime – are rapidly proliferating due to the ease of access, relative anonymity and borderless nature of the Internet. IMPACT believes that enforcers and international security organisations, along with governments and the private sector, need to collaborate to find effective solutions given the scope, severity and transnational nature of this problem. Indeed, the governance of cyberspace is fast becoming a major challenge, not only at a national level, but also at a regional and global level.


Clearly, governments cannot contain cyber threats by domestic measures alone. Without expert collaboration and knowledge sharing, individual countries hamper their ability to respond to cyber threats. No single government possesses all the knowledge and expertise to counter cyber threats. In most cases, the expertise and know-how reside in the private sector and academia. It is therefore imperative that all stakeholders — governments, industry and academia — unify to share the information and resources that will amplify the world’s cybersecurity expertise.

IMPACT, through its Centre for Policy and International Cooperation, seeks to create a platform by which the various stakeholders can come together and collaborate; escalating the culmination of knowledge and tools that will ensure a safer, more secure cyberspace.