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“We need stronger international alliances to share the responsibility for securing cyberspace. We also need a fundamental re-thinking of our government's traditional relationship with the private sector. A high percentage of our critical information infrastructure is privately owned, and industry needs to know what government knows about our adversaries' targets and, to the extent we understand them, their methods of operation. When it comes to cybersecurity, government and the private sector need to recognize that an individual vulnerability is a common weakness.”

Melissa Hathaway
Acting Senior Director for Cyberspace
for the National Security and Homeland Security Councils, U.S Government

Cybersecurity has rapidly emerged as a growing threat both governments and business. Despite its rising stature and attention, heavy classification of the threat limits the possibilities for cooperation among nations and between business and government.

Cybersecurity is a complex challenge because it cuts across many spheres. The networked nature of the internet makes cybersecurity a distinctly international challenge. The heavy concentration of cyber infrastructure in the hands of the private sector means that cybersecurity threats are challenges to both the public and the private sectors. The growing reliance of individuals on the internet also means that cybersecurity also touches upon the balance between national security and individual liberties.


The Centre for International Cooperation functions as IMPACT’s contact point for collaboration bringing together a range of cybersecurity stakeholders encompassing governments, industry and academia, think-tanks, special interest groups and international organisations such as the United Nations, International Telecommunications Union (ITU), INTERPOL, Council of Europe (CoE), among others.

IMPACT’s partnership with academia, industry, and international bodies allows each of them to strengthen their capacity and capability individually as well as collectively, ensuring the protection and security of each government’s cyberspace and critical ICT infrastructure.

IMPACT’s collaborative platform also serves as a gateway for partnership opportunities with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’s 193 Member States.

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