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Youth IGF aims to give the possibility of equal multistakeholder participation in the building process of the Information Society to Teenagers and Youth from different countries of the world.

The main goal is to have the voice of young people on the issues related to Internet Governance heard by the Information society leaders and to help Youth to take active part in the decision making processes.

Particular attention is paid to the participation of young people from vulnerable groups and those having fewer opportunities for better social inclusion.

Youth IGF reinforces active citizenship of young people, participates in the development of Intercultural and Intergenerational dialogues.

Youth IGF is an Initiative of TaC-Together against Cybercrime International, French Youth and its partners.

The Initiative of the Youth IGF was initiated during the First French Youth and Teenagers IGF that took place in France in 2011. Find the message of the French Youth to Information Society Leaders here.

  French Youth about Internet