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Upcoming Projects

ALERT Cyber Drill

Multilateral, transnational, and multidimensional engagement is the key to fighting cyber threats. As such, ALERT is designed to foster communications between National Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) in a region and make use of expertise from ITU-IMPACT and its partners to enhance the CIRTs’ capabilities in incidents handling.

Short for Applied Learning for Emergency Response Teams, ALERT focuses on Incident Handling and Response, Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Mining Data, Visualization, Forensics Investigation, and Mobile Malware.

Typically, the cyber drill kicks off with the ITU-IMPACT Regional Forum on Cybersecurity where experts from ITU-IMPACT and its partners impart their knowledge and the participating National CIRTs share their experiences in incidents handling. This is followed by a two-day exercise where individual National CIRTs work to solve real-life simulation of various forms of cyber attacks.

We are constantly looking for partners to deliver a high quality cyber drill and if your organisation is interested, please contact us.

We welcome partners to engage with us for the cyber drills through any form of support. Contact us to further explore possible collaboration.

ITU-IMPACT Capacity Building Programmes

Throughout the years, ITU-IMPACT delivers high quality capacity building programmes to countries around the world to assist them strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities. We encourage partners to contribute to these activities as experts within their fields or as sponsors– enabling services to the least developed and developing countries faced with economic constraints in improving their cybersecurity readiness.

Contact us for more details on our programmes.