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Collaboration in critical times
Information security has never been more challenging. Recognising that domestic measures alone are inadequate, IMPACT seek to bridge the gap between the domestic and international as well as the public and private spheres in countering cyber threats. IMPACT’s partnerships with academia, industry and international bodies allows them to strengthen their capacity and capabilities individually to collectively ensure the protection and security of each government’s cyberspace and critical national ICT infrastructure.

IMPACT’s collaborative platform serves as a gateway for partnership opportunities with the ITU’s 193 Member States. It promotes greater cooperation and alliances in combating cyber threats. IMPACT is the physical, operational home of the ITU’s GCA which is built upon five strategic pillars and made up of seven main strategic goals.

IMPACT will facilitate the implementation of activities aimed at meeting the GCA’s strategic goals by developing and proposing forward-looking global strategies through wide ranging expertise, taking into account current and existing initiatives.

IMPACT - Partner
ITU-IMPACT’s Partner Engagement Strategy
Successful collaborations to make use of the best global expertise are essential to our vision of assisting countries to develop cybersecurity capabilities and resilience. The new partner engagement strategy helps to show you how we think about partnerships and cooperation.

We value inputs and feedback from partners on our work. Please share with us your comments and ideas on how best we can work together in our upcoming projects.

You can read the full Partner Engagement Strategy here

IMPACT’s partners' benefit from the connections that IMPACT’s global platform offer. Through IMPACT’s services offered to the ITU’s 193 Member States, IMPACT’s partners are able to strategically connect to governments around the world in assisting in capacity-building and ICT infrastructure development.

IMPACT constantly welcomes and invites interest from future partners to effectively support the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda.

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