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Partners - Industry
ABI Research   Symantec   F-Secure   Trend Micro   Kaspersky Lab
Nuix   Bitdefender   The Cyber Guardian   Globeron   High-Tech Bridge
Satorys   POLCYB   BRICADE   E-Crime Expert   Null
Wini Group   Group-IB   Prolexic   XENSIX   XENSIX
Silensec   Silensec            
IMPACT’s partners' benefit from the global connections that IMPACT’s platform offer. Through IMPACT’s services offered to the ITU’s 193 Member States, IMPACT’s partners are able to strategically connect to governments around the world in assisting with capacity-building and ICT infrastructure development.

IMPACT constantly welcomes and invites interest from future partners to effectively support the ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Agenda.

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