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Enhancing Membership
Introductory Package
Services and Solutions Offered
Enhancing Membership

Introductory Package   IMPACT’s Introductory Package offer the followings :
All partner countries are welcomed aboard with the GRC’s Introductory Package. This entitles them to have access to NEWS and ESCAPE. IMPACT’s Global Network Early Warning System (NEWS) would provide IMPACT partner countries an up to the minute view of cyber threats around the world. These threats are drawn on data from dozens of public and industry’s security feeds and presented as a collection of easy to read charts, graphs, maps and tables. NEWS would allow the partner countries to seek the sources of attacks emerging round the globe; identify the current cyber threats and cybersecurity breakouts.

Introductory Package also provides the partner countries to discover and connect with other cybersecurity professionals throughout the IMPACT network via ESCAPE. By applying enterprise social networking techniques to IMPACT partner countries, IMPACT allows them to draw on the wealth of expertise within the IMPACT community. The Introductory Package provides up to five multiple logins to the ESCAPE and ability to add local cybersecurity experts to the IMPACTS expert community. With this package the partner countries can escalate their security problems to the global IMPACT experts, who would provide assistance and right solutions. Furthermore, ESCAPE would provide periodic security news, reports, and ability to upload a malware for inspection and analysis by the IMPACT experts to its partner countries.

For Introductory Package, partner countries would dedicate a Computer Security Incident response team member to provide assistance as and when required.

All partner countries hardware and software are hosted by IMPACT’s Global Response Centre in Malaysia, this membership is ideal for countries that desire a higher level of presence and recognition without making an investment in local infrastructure.
Global Response Centre
Access to ESCAPE
From 1 Public IP Address
Ability to have access to NEWS data and visualization
Maximum number of ESCAPE portal accounts
Ability to invite local experts to the IMPACT expert community
Ability to escalate incidents to the IMPACT expert community
Ability to upload malware for IMPACT analysis
Ability to receive periodic security news
Ability to receive periodic security reports (Generic)
Ability to subscribe to ESCAPE's content
Minimum number of Computer Security Incident Response Team members nominated
Training & Skill Development
Training on ESCAPE
Training on NEWS